Camera Stuff on that I would buy!

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Silica Gel

Lots of camera accessories on Amazon India, some of which is better than the others. Here are some accessories ( and I shall keep adding to this list) which I have already bought or would buy.

To start with silica gel, in convenient 10 mg packets to help keep cameras and other equipment dry. It changes colour to pink when saturated with moisture. Just dry it out in the sun until it turns blue to re-use it.

Blower Brush

I am not a fan of pouring oily liquids onto camera front elements. If you have dust, use a good quality and powerful blower brush to get rid of the dust.

Microfibre Cloth

A good quality microfibre anti-static cloth to clean cameras OR lenses. Please do not use the same cloth for both camera and lens! If you have a stubborn spot on your lens, blow on the lens with your breath and then use the cloth to GENTLY wipe away the spot.

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