BPW's Image Editing Service

For those of you who do not have the time to edit your images, BPW pioneers an image editing service for Indian photographers.


We offer two variations to each of the packages below, either with a single output image or with two output images as JPEGs.

If choosing a single output image you can choose either to have the image output to a screen resolution of your choice or to have it at 1000 pixels on the longest side for Facebook (700 pixels for verticals).

If asking for images at a screen resolution of your choice we can output the images at roughly 500kb which will load quickly or we can output at full quality (heavier images in excess of 1 to 8 Mb).

Facebook images will be outputted at under 250 kb.

You can, of course, ask for two output images one to a screen resolution of your choice and one for facebook.

If in doubt call me on 9632319062 or use the contact form below.


Upto 100 images

One output image -        Rs 5000/-

Two output images -      Rs 5000/-

Introductory offer valid till 30th September

Turnaround time - 2 weeks


Upto 250 images

One output image -        Rs 7500/-

Two output images -      Rs 7500/-

Introductory offer valid till 30th September

Turnaround time 4 weeks


Upto 500 images

One output image -        Rs 12500/-

Two output images -      Rs 15000/-

Turnaround time 6 weeks


Upto 1000 images

One output image -        Rs 15000/-

Two output images -      Rs 17000/-

Turnaround time 2 months

If you select the lo-res package, we will be sending you processed lo-res images by email in batches of 10 as and when they are processed.

Terms and Conditions


Bangalore Photography Workshops Pvt Ltd (BPW) is not responsible for the loss of your images.

Please ensure you have backed up your images before sending them to us.

Sending  your Images

Please put your images on a pen drive or external hard disk.  NO CD/DVD, Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox. 

If NOT resident in India, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

There must be no other data on this drive. The price includes return postage within India.


Images MUST be sorted before sending them to us. So if you need 100 images processed, please sort and select 100 images from your files. Do not send us a 1000 images and ask us to select the 100 best.

If you want us to sort and process your images we will charge Rs 1000/- per 100 unsorted images. So if you send us a 1000 images to sort, asking for a 100 processed images, you will pay Rs 10000/- for sorting and Rs 5000/- for processing of 100 output images.


Images will be cropped if necessary and colour correction, curves/levels and sharpening applied as needed.

Please note that we cannot work wonders with shaky, out-of-focus and severely under/over exposed images. If you want to be a better photographer join one of our workshops :-)

Any special processing requests will be discussed and billed on a case by case basis.

If you have chosen to add your name to the image, it will be added either in black or white depending upon the image. 

Should you wish to add your logo instead of a name, please send your logo in the EPS format.

Please note images will not be prepared for print. We have separate print packages.

You can use the contact form below or call on 9632319062 or 9483518811.

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