AB Apana is a writer and photographer based in Bangalore, India. His work has appeared in national and international publications including Sanctuary Asia and Saevus and he is represented by Getty Images. 

He has been published in The Tadoba Inheritance and has been exhibited at Mantralaya in connection with Global Tiger Day.

AB has won at competitions with EOS Magazine and with the British Wildflower Society. He has been a finalist at the 2013 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

He is constantly experimenting and is a pioneer of fisheye imaging, extreme photomacrography and HDR Imaging in India. His lenses range from the conventional to the esoteric such as the 8mm fisheye and Canon's photomacrography MP-E 65.

He brings a background in corporate learning and development, where he has worked with numerous Fortune 50 and 500 clients, to BPW's instruction.

He has also worked as Manager (Wildlife Operations and Business Development) for Conservation Corporation of India's Infinity Resorts chain which brings added value to BPW's wildlife trails.



A NatGeo wallpaper with one of my images. See more of my published work here:


Something from 2014, but just saw it. Good to see my image 'The Girl Gang of Telia' which was published in Sanctuary Asia's The Tadoba Inheritance used as a backdrop to last years Wildlife Awards addressed by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Sri Devendra Fadnavis. The image was also displayed at Maharashtra's Mantralaya on the occasion of Global Tiger Day 2015.

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