The Doublesteddy is here!

The DOUBLESTEDDY  has been designed by working wildlife photographers for wildlife photographers! 

Excellent finish, sturdy stitching, and of generous proportions, your search for a world-class beanbag end here! Still further, the Doublesteddy is waterproof!

We recommend filling the bags with bean bag filler such as this:

Please note 500 gms of filler will be more than enough for two beanbags.

Do not overfill the beanbag. The filler must have space to move so the lens can settle down on the bag!

Having said that, if using beanbag filler, the beans tend to get squashed over time, so it is best to add beans before a trip.

Rs 1700/- includes shipping within India. Use the link below to purchase.

Effortlessly supports long lenses with pro bodies

Can be used on roofs and bonnets

Can be used upside down

Straps can be crossed for extra stability on Gypsy cross bar

The LENSTEDDY is our older beanbag on sale now!

Tried, tested and trusted in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania & United Kingdom

5+ years of design refinement 

Made WIDE to accommodate 500mm and 600mm lenses 

We recommend filling the bags with bean bag filler such as this:

This filler has been tried and tested and dries out quickly if the Lensteddy gets wet!

Please note that 500 grams will fill PLENTY of beanbags!

Limited Masai Mara 2015 edition available (2 pieces available)

Rs 900/- only - includes shipping within India  ( Normally Rs 1300/- )

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