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Abstract of red-green algae, Peacock Lake

It is with great pleasure that BPW pioneers a photography workshop / tour at Nagarhole. It is of enormous personal significance as well as I grew up in an estate outside Nagarhole and was treated to daily evening drives in the park. Nagarhole is where I saw my first tigers. leopards and bears.

Please note that of the 5 places for this workshop, three are already taken

The images will give you an idea of the images one may obtain at Nagarhole. Grab the opportunity to shoot in a different environment before the hordes move in!

I have done two two-hour recces to Nagarhole, but will be doing at least four more recces before the workshop. In the first recce we heard strong alarm calls and it was clear a predator was on the move. The second was dull.

Grey Heron at Dodda halla

White-rumped vulture at Peacock Lake

Each safari is about two hours and it takes another 45 minutes to exit the park along the main road, thus giving each safari about 2 hours 45 minutes.

The cost is Rs 33,000/- which includes transportation from Bangalore. There is an option of doing a 7th safari on Sunday evening.

Wild boar at Chikpala

Tusker at Marappan hudlu (hudlu being a grassland)

The Small Print

The small print: the safaris are conducted by Jungle Lodges and Resorts with permission from the Forest Department. The FD can cancel safaris at will and the FD will cancel safaris if there is excessive rain. In late November if there is a depression off Madras and if it results in rain, this is a possibility.

Still further the safaris will be in Boleros or in a Canter. (If there are 9 guests the FD insists all go in one Bolero, but I have requested JLR to put us in a Canter instead).

You will be refunded Rs 1200/- per safari if it is not conducted.

If there is heavy rain before we start our trip and we cancel, you will lose Rs 2000 - 3000/- of the total amount.

Please pay Rs 5000/- to block your place using the following link: (remember Bera is November 17th to 20th)

I leave you with a few more images...

Abstract at Peacock Lake

Chital at Peacock Lake

Dodda halla (iPhone photograph)

Peacock Lake (iPhone photograph)

Kuntur kere (iPhone photograph)

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